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5 Hour Real Estate Week

Apr 28, 2021

Starting up a business in real estate can be challenging especially if you will not get yourself educated about how this business works. Someone needs to be prepared as investing also involves risks. Having systems in place, a proper mindset, and working with the right team could ease your way to reach your goals easily. Tune in to this episode and learn from Mike’s guest Cliff Hayden on what he had learned in growing up his business, and making a fortune while having the time freedom for his family.

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Things that may change when you attend a bootcamp for real estate
  • Transition from a full-time job to real estate investing
  • Getting the right deals by asking questions and making an offer
  • Biggest challenge in managing and growing rental properties
  • Impacts of knowing who you can trust for the growth of your business
  • Importance of setting goals, putting systems in place, and building a team 
  • Walking through the property before making an offer


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