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5 Hour Real Estate Week

Aug 11, 2021

Respect your core values to make a difference that is highly achievable. In this episode, Adrian Smude shares his challenges, achievements, and his lifestyle of success. Stay tuned to better understand how consistent actions can improve your life and business. 

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Advantages of investing in mobile homes
  • Challenges in the real estate business
  • The role of other people in building your success
  • Steps to perform proper due diligence
  • Cornerstones of success
  • Importance of taking action and mentorship

About Adrian Smude  

Adrian had a big challenge of keeping his real estate business organized as far as the financial side, bookkeeping and accounting. Now, he uses Mike’s QuickBooks methods to keep his finger on the pulse of his huge real estate business.

He’s able to help to take the burden of the sales process of a home. He loves helping others and surrounding himself with like-minded people. He buys homes & mobile homes in any condition which helps the homeowner not have to do the necessary repairs a traditional buyer would require. Also, providing clean affordable housing is another part of the business that he loved.


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