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5 Hour Real Estate Week

Jul 14, 2021

Listen to this episode and be inspired by Bill Taylor, as he shares the most difficult aspects of real estate, how to overcome them, and how they evolve with time.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Importance of tenant screening using the up-to-date method
  • Challenges in raising capital
  • Surviving the market downturn
  • Experiencing and developing youth
  • Tips on how to get started in real estate
  • Things to avoid and advantages of screening tenants

Resources mentioned in this episode


About Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor in Anderson, Indiana has been investing in real estate for 42 years

He has been using Mike’s systems for well over 10 years and it has changed his real estate business & Life.

Bill had 142 properties at one time and has sold off his ROTH IRA properties and others and now operates 65 single-family rentals.

Even with last year’s Covid Pandemic, Bill and his wife were shocked that 2020 was the highest year of rental income.


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