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5 Hour Real Estate Week

Apr 26, 2021

People often talk about numbers before buying or selling a property for investment. If you're planning to start a real estate business, it is highly important to get yourself educated about the process and the market that you're in. Today, Mike shows you how to calculate and run numbers for rental and retail properties. This episode will also help you in making an intelligent offer and get more real estate deals.

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Expenses to consider in running numbers for a rental property
  • How to calculate numbers using financial calculators to see if a rental property will work for you
  • Taking advantage of low interest rate 
  • How to run numbers for a retail property
  • Calculating Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) for a retail property
  • One thing that you shouldn't do when retailing a property

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Financial Calculators


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