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5 Hour Real Estate Week

May 12, 2021

There's no such easiest way to create wealth, so being consistent with your goals and investing in your knowledge will help you to grow in this industry. Dive into this episode and learn from Tom Olmsted as he shares his journey in the real estate business and the things that he has absorbed from Mike to build his success.

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Advantages of using resources from Mike Butler’s training
  • Benefits of continuous education
  • Decision-making in real estate investing
  • Working with the right people and its impact
  • Ways to implement the Mike Butler system
  • Achieving debt-free with self-directed Roth IRA

About Tom Olmsted:

Tom Olmsted started out with his job as an HVAC contractor and builder. His wife teaches at Lakeland University in Mattoon, Illinois. He first met Mike Butler at an Illinois State Conference for Investors hosted by Jane Garvey almost 20 years ago. Today, Tom has achieved the lifestyle he used to dream about. He has almost all of his rental properties paid for and is aggressively building his ROTH IRA for him and his wife.


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