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5 Hour Real Estate Week

Jan 20, 2023

Tap into the wisdom and expertise of Eric Shadowens, CPA, in the fourth part of this series as he discusses rental property tax rules and other essential information you need to know to minimize your taxable income. Keep upgrading your real estate knowledge by tuning in!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Tax differences between short-term and long-term rentals
  • Easiest ways to cut your losses in real estate
  • How to maximize the tax benefits from your short-term rental property
  • Disadvantages of hiring a property manager for your properties 
  • How many days can you use your rental property for personal purposes?


Resources mentioned in this episode


About Eric Shadowens, CPA

Eric has over 20 years of experience practicing public accounting in Louisville. He is most interested in working with professionals in the Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee real estate industries. He has worked with real estate agents, residential rental property owners, and large $150 million commercial real estate businesses throughout his career. 

In addition, he has an interest in personal real estate investing. Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Louisville School of Business and is licensed to practice as a CPA. 

Eric is currently a board member, and Treasurer of the Bluegrass Golf Foundation and Ambassador of Greater Louisville Inc. Eric is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of St. Matthews, where he served as the Treasurer for two years.


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